Terms of use (Disclaimer)

We offer discounts and coupons to all our customers. Whether you are a first-time user or a return customer, you will experience the benefits of using our discount and coupon tickets. First-time users are given the promo coupons and return customers receive an increase in their discount limit as they continue to use the service. The ticket regulations include:

  • The coupons and discounts tickets should not be used on Third-party products and affiliate products.

  • The number of orders determines the discount value that the service offers to customers and the total cost charged for all the documents.

  • The discount requirements stated on the tickets must be met, for the tickets to be valid.

  • The offers on promotion should be separate from other offers that are within the same order.

  • The discount and coupon code can only be used once.

  • Each coupon has limited validity. When the expiration date arrives, its validity ceases from midnight of the specified date.

  • Coupons provided by affiliate services are outside the control of our service. The legal responsibilities for transactions carried out by the member services are not related to our service.

  • The discount and coupon codes must be stated in all the written and completed orders. When the payment transaction completes, the discount will reflect on the final cost. When the customer avoids stating the code in the order form, it will be assumed that they will make full payment for services offered.

  • The discounts and coupons validity are within the rights and powers of the service providing them only.

  • The tickets are for single-use, single-customer only. They cannot be transferred, sold, or reused to several clients.

  • Customers maintain the full responsibility for ensuring that the tickets remain legitimate and valid before they use them. Customers should read the terms of use written on their face.

  • The only language used on the tickets should be English.

  • The service reserves the privilege to remove, change, alter, adjust, and add coupon details without prior warning to the clients.

  • The coupons and discounts are prohibited from being used on restricted services and completed orders.

  • The publishers have 100% exclusivity to the tickets.